Is it worth to invest in promoting posts in Instagram?

If you are a regular Instagram user, you are probably familiar with this situation: you browse the main feed, click hearts on friends’ posts, and here, after a few photos, a message from a person you do not know appears. Information is displayed under the profile name: «Sponsor». You look at likes and see impressive value. And then the thought arises in my head: «Or maybe I’ll pay a few more kopecks and new people will come to me, and huskies are strewn with sparkles on New Year’s Eve?» You can buy instagram likes cheap at Top4Smm.

And here is the staircase.

The first problem is audience setup. We can select automatic selection, which means that Instagram will select users to show our ads to. It will do this based on people who already follow us and will display our photo on accounts that like similar content. And also people who follow people who follow our account.

The second, slightly more difficult option is to create your own audience. To do this, you need to specify the desired locations where the people you want to reach are. If our profile contains content only in Polish and concerns, for example, Polish fiction, it is worth the sponsored post only be addressed to those who know Polish and have the ability to read the books we recommend. Optionally, if we only care about people like us, who will have similar experiences and who will struggle with the same day-to-day problems (for example, working in a corporation, day-to-day traffic jams, etc.), We can only choose major cities. There are many possibilities and it is worth considering who we want to cover with our content.

Or, if we conduct some typical local activity, for example, we have a hairdresser in Pruszkow, it is logical that there is no point in advertising to the whole country. In such a situation, it is recommended to select the «local» option, allow the application to read your current location, and select the range. The maximum value here is thirty kilometers.

In both cases, right at the top of the screen, we get information about the potential maximum reach, that is, how many people we can reach with our sponsored post.

But that is not all. It is known that not every one of the nearly two million users within a 30 km radius will be interested in what we are doing. Therefore, it is also worth going to the «Interests» option and narrowing down our target group a little. For example, let’s stop at the already mentioned hairdressing salon.

We introduce everything that can be associated with the art of hairdressing. Thus, the potential range was narrowed down to 1,300,000 users.

The next step is to choose the age range and gender of our potential audience. By pointing out that we are interested in reaching women between the ages of 25 and 60, the range shrinks to 570,000.

That’s a lot less than 1.9 million, so why bother? Targeting sponsored posts reduces the likelihood of your ad reaching an audience that simply ignores it. After all, since we have decided to pay for something, it is worth the money somehow returned to us. Otherwise, it will simply throw them down the drain.

Speaking of money, the next step in setting up our sponsored post is to determine the budget and duration of the ad.

First of all, first of all, we need to log into our Facebook company and set a maximum spend limit in Ad Manager. Once that’s done, we’ll go back to Instagram and by tweaking the Budget and Duration sliders, we’re watching the estimated reach change.

And here’s how we come to the answer to this article. We see that after spending less than a hundred thousand on advertising, out of the initial 570,000 potential recipients, we get a range of 2,000 to 5,300 individual accounts that our ads will go to. Obviously, one should accept the pessimistic option and accept the minimum value. And it depends only on our own conversion factor whether we believe that we are calculating these costs.

However, there are three main disadvantages to consider.

First of all: ads will also be shown to us. It doesn’t make sense to make sense of this, but Instagram’s algorithm is so structured that we pay for it … that we show our own sponsored post.

Secondly: the publication will be displayed for people who are already subscribed to our profile. Another absurdity that cannot be dealt with. If someone is already watching us, it means that they are part of the group of people we are targeting for our advertising.

And finally, third: subsequent posts will be limited in reach for some time. This, in turn, is a way to get more money from users for the next ad.

On the other hand, there really is only one plus: reaching out to new people. And whether we run a business, keep an account as a hobby, or strive to stat


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